Replanted Groups

Local Support Groups for Foster & Adoptive Families

Get supported. Be understood. Receive hope.

It can be hard to know how to respond well to our child’s trauma, grief, and loss. Even the most prepared, compassionate parent shouldn’t bear the weight of this pain alone. And you weren’t designed to.

You need a supportive community of fellow parents that you can share “same here” moments with. And your children deserve friends and safe adults who understand their experience. Replanted groups provide both. When you join a group, you and your children get the consistent support you need to heal, connect, and thrive as a family.


Meet once per month

Enjoy monthly lifegiving community with local families on a similar journey.


Bring your whole self.

This is your safe, sacred space to ask hard questions, process grief, and celebrate victories.


Connect with others.

Go through a discipleship-focused curriculum with trained leaders.


Experience safe community with trustworthy leaders.

Our leaders nurture safe spaces where authentic connection, growth, and healing can occur. To launch a group, our leaders:

  • Have a heart for foster and adoptive families
  • Go through a five-month training program
  • Know how to navigate hard conversations in group settings
  • Are equipped to process trauma, grief, and loss
  • Create a Christ-honoring environment
  • Receive ongoing support and coaching

Get your questions answered.

What happens during a Replanted group?

Once a month, Replanted groups gather to eat dinner together and go through a discipleship-focused curriculum designed specifically for foster and adoptive families. While you’re enjoying community with fellow parents, your kids will also complete age-appropriate material and fun activities with other children who understand their unique story.

How many families are in a group?

We limit groups to six to eight families so you can go deeper and form lasting friendships.

How is this different from other support groups?

Replanted groups are spaces to give and receive emotional support. Replanted group leaders are highly trained facilitators who have gone through our rigorous leadership training program prior to launching a group. They have a heart for foster and adoptive families and are equipped to process trauma, grief, and loss. While our groups are a safe space to ask questions and share about your life, our group leaders ensure the focus remains on the curriculum and the entire community of families involved, not just one family’s needs. Our goal is community, vulnerability, and growth, not commiseration.

What does the curriculum cover?

We write a new curriculum based on our ministry theme every year. Each month’s content specifically covers issues that foster or adoptive parents often face. From navigating relationships with birth families to cultivating hope amid heartbreaking situations, our content is designed to offer practical application and encouragement. Your leader will facilitate the group in discussion related to the study to provide a safe space to process the material together.

How do my kids receive support?

We know how difficult it can be to enjoy meaningful time with other parents when you’re in the process of fostering or adopting. We also believe kids deserve as much support and community as their parents. That’s why we provide separate programming for children. When you go to your Replanted group, plan on bringing your children fed and ready to be dropped off. Our trauma-trained, background-checked mentors will provide them with a fun evening of planned activities, age-appropriate curriculum, and free-style play with other kids in their age range.

What’s the time commitment?

Groups meet monthly for 2 hours for a full ministry year, starting in the fall through the spring. Most of our groups continue to meet past their first year and enjoy spending time outside the monthly group time.

Is it free to launch a group?

To launch a Replanted group, partnership is key. We ask that your church or organization join us in this sacred opportunity by providing a $500 donation to help us launch your group. After your group launches, there is a $100 annual membership fee. If cost is a barrier, please reach out to us!

When does group registration open?

Group registration typically opens in the summer. These are closed groups meaning that if you sign up for a group, you are reserving a spot. We only allow 6-8 families to register per group because we are desiring to create a safe, intimate environment where families can develop deep, life-giving relationships with one another for the ministry year.

There are 40+ Replanted groups around the country—and counting!

Find the local support you’ve been missing today.