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Loving a Wild Child

by Christine Stahl“Stop acting like an animal!” I shout exasperated. “You’re a BOY; not an animal!” When I envisioned parenting, I could not have imagined those were...
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Worship in the Waiting

by Melissa HarmsIt was the phone call we never saw coming. Our adoption agency called to tell us of a birthmother who was expecting a baby boy....
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I’m a Better Mother Than Her

by Lindsey LoughrinHe lives in my heart always, but in my house occasionally, and I’m only sometimes his mother by occupation. I take him for awhile when she...
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Second Chances

by Christine StahlWhen 6-years old, my son asked from the backseat, “Hey, Dad. Do you know the difference between mercy & grace?” Without waiting for any parental...
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There are Four Mamas Here

by Sarah RoneyBeing pregnant makes me very aware of the long, arduous process of growing a baby and birthing them into this world. I am kicked constantly...
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