Learning From Each Other

This Autumn, the Replanted Community will be learning from one another as Me Too Group Leaders provide answers to questions that have shaped their journey and made their family’s who they are today

Q. What was/is the most vivid memory you have of your adoption/foster process?
A: When the adoption agency called us at 10:00 at night to let us know that Elliot’s birth mom had signed right at the 72 hour mark instead of waiting until the next morning which was the original plan. The birth mom had told the agency that she wanted us to be able to go to bed that night knowing that he was going to be our son.

Q. What has been the greatest joy in bringing your child(ren) home?
A: Watching our child grow and learn new things every day. Watching our spouse (my wife) parent our son in a way that is honoring to God.

Q. What has been the most difficult part of bringing your child(ren) home?
A: Finding time to make our relationship a priority. Trying to discipline our son when he is so cute and funny.

Q. What resources have been the most helpful to you?
A: Our Me Too group and our Church family.

Q. What have you learned about yourself since becoming an adoptive or foster parent?
A: How little sleep a person really needs to be able to function (just kidding). How much I have needed to change my priorities and learn about what is really important in life. A lot of the things that had been a big part of my life I had to cut out once Elliot came home.

-Jeff Harms