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Replanted provides support to adoptive and foster families and those considering it, and empowers the church to play an active role to help.

We are a community of prayer, encouragement, and celebration that cultivates loving homes where replanted children are rooted and can flourish.


Why We Do It

Caring for the needs of children and orphans is deeply important to the heart of God. Engaging in adoption, foster care, and Safe Families fills life with beauty and joy, but it can be difficult and challenging work. Parents and families often struggle and need support.

They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.
— Isaiah 61:3b

Our Mission

Replanted offers tangible, informational, and emotional support for families and children, providing a context for families to build community with one another, support one another, and know at a deep, heart level that they are not alone.


What We Offer

  • Small Group Model

  • Discipleship curriculum

  • Facilitator and Childcare Training

  • Coaching and Mentorship

  • Annual Conference


Core Values

  • Mobilize the Local Church

  • Empower Local Leaders

  • Support Families

  • Create a Culture of Grace, Safety and Vulnerability

  • Build Life Giving Relationships


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