Ryan & Natalia

Bellingham, WA | 1st Friday | 6:30-8:30pm

We are Ryan and Natalia. Married since 2001, we refer to our life together as a “roller coaster.” It’s involved a kidney transplant, a parent’s death, fostering a BRS level boy (who is now 13 and in a group home, but still a part of our family), adopting two girls who came to us at 3 and 4 (now 6 and 7), and currently providing placement for a “sibling set” girl and boy age 3 and 8, respectively. We met while working as Social Workers, and now we’re venturing into a non profit foster care agency. Our life is mostly crazy, sometimes sweet; but always filled with honesty, authenticity, and love. Everything we have and will have is a gift of grace from Jesus. We’re hoping we can journey with you and point each other to the only true and lasting hope, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you are licensed with, or in the processed of being licensed with Skookum Kids, we respectfully ask that you register for a different Group to avoid a conflict of interest due to Ryan’s role in the agency.

David Vosburg