David & Marsha

Mize, MS | 2nd Saturday | 6-8pm

David and Marsha had adoption in the back of their minds for several years, but in 2012, God put adoption in their hearts. When their family size of five biological children kept keep them from adopting through the state, they began praying about International Adoption through China, a country David had visited and loved. In 2014, God showed them their daughter and they began the process of international adoption. Almost a year later, He led them to another daughter and the Hays added two precious girls to their family in the spring of 2016. They have been amazingly blessed through the privilege and responsibility of raising these girls and all of their children to know and serve Christ.

David had served as pastor of Union Baptist Church in rural Smith County, MS, for twelve years and is also the Director of Missions for the Smith Baptist Association. Marsha serves as the part time youth minister at Union and homeschools their seven children, ages 4-15.

David Vosburg