Replanted Ministry

Support groups for foster and adoptive families in Brooksville, FL

Helping foster and adoptive families heal, connect, and thrive.

Replanted Groups kick off in the fall. Registration will open in Summer 2023.

Group 1210

When We Meet

3rd Thursday of Every Month
6:30-8:30 PM

Where We Meet

Brooksville, FL

Leadership Team

  • Kimberly Thompson | District Leader

About Our Group

Replanted Groups Explained:

The adoption and foster journey can be challenging–you don’t have to go through it alone. Replanted groups meet on a monthly basis to bring authentic community, healing, and support to foster and adoptive families. Groups meet during the ministry year (September to May) for two hours. Parents share a meal together and then work through a discipleship curriculum designed by Replanted. Children meet in a separate space with trained childcare mentors to connect with other kids who understand their journey. Groups meet with the same members for the ministry year–giving you the opportunity to develop safe, life-giving relationships with one another. Find your people, experience grace, and support one another in the journey–join a Replanted group today.

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Meet once per month.

Enjoy monthly lifegiving community with local families on a similar journey.

Bring your whole self.

This is your safe, sacred space to ask hard questions, process grief, and celebrate victories.

Connect with others.

Go through a discipleship-focused curriculum with trained leaders.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners.

Because of these partners, we are able to provide support for our foster and adoptive families.

  • Ken Egli

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. The Replanted Ministry is a Christian organization; however, the groups are not limited to only people of faith. All are welcome.

  • We limit groups to six to eight families so you can go deeper and form lasting friendships. When you register for a group we ask that you commit to attending monthly for the full ministry year.

  • There is no fee to join a Replanted group.

  • We write a new discipleship curriculum based on our ministry theme every year. Each month’s content specifically covers issues that foster or adoptive parents often face. From navigating relationships with birth families to cultivating hope amid heartbreaking situations, our content is designed to offer practical application and encouragement. Your leader will facilitate the group in discussion related to the study to provide a safe space to process the material together.

  • Once a month, Replanted groups gather to eat dinner together and go through a discipleship-focused curriculum designed specifically for foster and adoptive families. While you’re enjoying community with fellow parents, your kids will also complete age-appropriate material and fun activities with other children who understand their unique story.

  • We ask families to commit to meeting monthly for a full ministry year, starting in the fall through the spring. The group meeting is 2 hours per month. Most of our groups continue to meet past their first year and enjoy spending time beyond the monthly group time.

Group 1209

You don’t have to walk this journey alone. Join a Replanted Group today.

Helping foster and adoptive families heal, connect, and thrive.

Replanted Groups kick off in the fall. Registration will open in Summer 2023.